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CASA ROMA Wine Tasting

Wine! Wine!! Wine!!! Where there is Italian food, there MUST be Italian wine! In Italy, there are 20 regions, and every region produce their own wines. However, Italian wine is dominated by 3 major regions; Veneto, Toscana and Piemonte. These 3 regions dominate almost half of the wines produced in Italy.


We had a rather large group for the pizza class the other day, 17 people showed up. Everybody was so friendly, keen and energetic! We made the dough together with flour, yeast, sugar, salt and milk.

PIZZA CLASS – Birthday kid party

Today’s your birthday? and you want to celebrate it by baking pizzas with your best friends? Make the dough, load your pizza with Casa Roma special tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, design your pizza with your favourite toppings, bake them, and we are set! Enjoy your very original pizza!

How to: Selecting the perfect wine

Know that the old adage of serving white wine with white meat and red with red meat is too simplistic. In general, enjoy your favorite wine with your favorite food but the key is to select wine based on the “weight” and texture of the meal. Heavier meals and sauces require bigger wine to match […]