Casa Roma Wine Tasting – Toscana – 26th August 2017

On the 26th of August 2017, we had our wine tasting event at Casa Roma.

This time, we focused on wine from Toscana.

The wine we explored this time are:


Toscana Rosso (Entry level)

Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico Reserva

Brunello di Montalcino

We cannot speak of Toscana wine without mentioning about the grape ‘Sangiovese’.


Sangiovese is a grape variety that has a very vivid red juice. That is why the name derives from a Latin word that means blood.


When this Sangiovese is young-

-The wine has floral scents like blue berry and violet.

-The wine has a very deep ruby colour, sourness, bitterness and stimulating taste.


When the Sangiovese is matured-

-The wine gains rich flavour like matured plum and prune.


With these 4 bottles in front of us, we tested if it’s true or not.

And at the same time, ENJOYED drinking the best wine from Toscana!


Wine is not about reading and writing, it is all about tasting and sharing.

If you are interested, please do get in touch with any of the Casa Roma crew and join our fun wine tasting event!

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