How to: Selecting the perfect wine

Know that the old adage of serving white wine with white meat and red with red meat is too simplistic.

In general, enjoy your favorite wine with your favorite food but the key is to select wine based on the “weight” and texture of the meal. Heavier meals and sauces require bigger wine to match their weight and lighter meals and sauces will require lighter and more subtle wines.

Keep track of good wines you drink.

Write down the name of the winery, varietal, and Country of Origin.

Get assistance.

The employee of a shop specializing in wine is usually knowledgeable about the wine they stock. Describe what kind of wine you want and you should get a reliable recommendation.

Select a wine by its rating.

Stores will often post the rating of wines that are highly rated. Everyone has different taste in wines, but at least you know that someone enjoyed the wine if it has a high rating.

Do your homework.

If you want a bottle of wine for a special occasion, there are websites where you can research the type of wine you are looking for.

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